All We Are Saying….

Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

Today marks the anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. Like most folks my age, I remember exactly where I was & who I was with when I heard the news.  I cried as though I had just lost a very dear friend. In fact I did. John & the rest of the Beatles defined my childhood & my teen years with their music. I can recall singing, She Loves You, yeah, yeah, yeah, while I swung by my knees on the end bar of my swing set. I was in the first grade & six years old. So hell yeah, I was crushed that some lunatic took John from us!!!

Back in 1969 I was eleven and I was already a revolutionary in my heart; John & Yoko put out a song about Giving Peace a Chance. As a military child I was all about peace so my daddy could  come home from Viet Nam. But the song was more than that to me. I lived in a turbulent time at home & in the world. Death and destruction was all around us then. Racial strife, deep seated fear of women (which persists even today), and so on. The churches were speaking about peace & then went home & beat their wives & children and put on bed sheets to hide their identity while they went about murdering & raping.

Fast forward forth-three years (gawd, am I that old???) and the message hasn’t really changed among the Revolutionaries. We are still singing it, albeit with grey hair now, but we are still singing it.

People today have such a greater advantage in finding like-minded folks via the internet and for the first time I actually feel hope in regard to the world changing from the war-mongering that has been in control to a more loving place. The return of the focus on the Divine Feminine is fantastic beyond words. The renewed spotlight on Enlightenment on a large scale is as  refreshing as a crisp wind. I am excited! I am grateful. I am filled with Love and with Hope.


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