There are riches all around YOU! I recently finished a 21-Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra. We actually had 22 days of awesomeness and I miss my routine with him!

“Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”  So Hum ~ I Am. That is how the month started off. Each day I focus on that thought I am pleasantly surprised by the way abundance shows up in my life. I have once again become mindful of the little things…a break in the traffic when I’m trying to cross the street…the bus On Time (huge!), flowers still blooming even though it is November (how I adore living in the South), and so many other riches that await me. Yes indeed, today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.

Living abundantly means that we can see the richness in all life and in all of your experiences. Abundance has little to do with our monetary system and more to do with our thoughts and feelings. Living abundantly is our birthright and it matters not who or where we are. Look around and see the love, beauty and kindness of others,(our mirrors) that is abundance. Feel the joy and love that dwells within you, for that is abundance. Know that YOU are deserving of all the fulfillment life has to offer.

Our journey of life is meant to be filled with wondrous adventures and as we learn to trust that we are guided from within to see and do all that we desire; we fully understand the concept of living life abundantly. It is truly an adventure in understanding ourselves and who and what we truly are; spiritual beings in a material world.
Be sure to have released any unwanted feelings about your past so that you can move forward without restriction. You are entering a time of new beginnings and accelerated growth. Seek out teachers that can help you expand your light and then assume your rightful place as the teachers for the groups to follow and they will then take their place and each of you is bringing up each other. The next evolution is the awakening of the Buddha within you, the Christ energy within you and each and every one has this light. 🙂

Affirmation: “My life is abundantly wealthy with love, beauty and support. I am open to receive all the infinite riches of the Universe.

You are dearly loved ♥ and supported


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