Invocation of the Greater Good

We are all connected in this life,
when my neighbors do well, it benefits me,
when my neighbor suffers, it diminishes me,
The invisible threads that connect us are strong
Bless us all with what we need to sustain us.

All things that happen send out ripples,
tiny waves of energy that change everything.
Forces for good or ill are constantly swirling,
moving us toward greater good or greater loss,
all of us are touched by the ripples.

May I be a positive force for the greater good,
sending out beneficial ripples, ripple after ripple,
help me to move the world in a better direction,
a fairer, kinder, more just, healing direction.
May my life’s actions build beacons of hope.

We are all connected in this life,
in our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs,
there are always consequences for good or ill.
May I cause ripples of goodness in the World.
Bless the threads that bind us all together.

 ~ Abby Willowroot 2009~

Sharing with respect this beautiful prayer on this day of Gratitude…feeling deep in my soul my ancestors and elders from the 7 generation behind me, being present with my children and looking forth to the 7 generations who will carry me in their souls…bless the steps imprinted on sacred lands and hearts from one another. OMETEOTL!

May your dreams be sweet, your hearts at peace, and your spirits filled with fire for a new tomorrow.

Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin

Native American Art 3 by unknown artist via


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