Versatile Blogger Award

Exploration of the Sacred & Conscious; including Sexuality

I’d like to thank , for honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you for the encouragement, this is my second Versatile blogger award, too, and it feels just as good as the first one! I didn’t know the etiquette for this, but I do now.  Thank you so much!

The way this works is for me to pass the honor along to 15 other bloggers.

Feel free to stop by their blogs and enjoy! Sorry I cannot live up to that as I follow only 13 blogs at the moment:)

WAIT!!!! I found another way to see what blogs I follow. That number (13) seemed awfully low. It seems I follow many more than that. So here’s a shout out to 2 more….. and

And then the 7 random things about…

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