This is phenomenal! I will have to add this to my “To Do” list of prison reform:) Lord, please bring me some help!

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T’ai chi and qigong remind us that we are energy by immersing our mind and body in the experience of it each day. This constant immersion reminds us how closely we are linked to all things. This isn’t an illusion. The illusion is that we think we are separate from the world. The rainforest and ocean are the earth’s lungs and thermostats. Without them we perish. So, to feel ‘connected’ to the world is to become real. T’ai chi and qigong help us to become more and more real.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & Qigong
Last November I had the opportunity to do a qigong workshop with inmates at the California State Maximum Security Prison known as “Folsom.” I arrived with some trepidation. I had spent the weekend preparing by doing my own intensive energy work, and this internal preparation came in handy when I arrived. Folsom…

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