7 Misconceptions on The Law of Attraction

The “noise” of misinformation can make it difficult for you to discard what is false. I have been through the experience of being doubtful and unclear myself. There can be misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. Some people have even criticized it because they believe that the claims that it can be used to attract money are false. Others say that learning how to use the Law of Attraction promotes greed.

(Photo of the DVD cover: What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole)

What is important to remember is that just because it may be used with intents that are not altruistic by some people does not make it any less true. This article is intended to help you gain greater clarity, in order to help dispel some common mistaken ideas associated with the Law of Attraction. I uncovered these, much through personal study, reflection and self-discovery.

Seven Misconceptions about Law of Attraction

1. Law of Attraction is not Based on Science

Perhaps our confusion is caused by holding on to traditional definitions of “science”. If we take science to be simply based on observable evidence, then we can say that the Law of Attraction has no proof. However, just because the Law of Attractioncannot be seen by the human eye, or the fact that it is not taught as part of the science subject in school, does not make it invalid.

While some of the theory has yet to be verified by scientific method, there are enough studies that support it. One example of such a study includes electroencephalogram images of brainwave frequencies (electrical impulses) and experimentation with ionic charges performed by well-known scientists such as Nicholas Tessla. If you need more scientific proof, you can watch the “What the Bleep” movie. There are enough detailed explanations in the movie to let you know that the Law of Attraction or quantum mechanics is not hocus pocus.

There is also a good deal of therapeutic evidence to support the physical benefits of mental visualization and affirmation. If you believe that there is such a thing as qi or energy flow, then there are good reasons to believe that there is such a thing as theLaw of Attraction. A multitude of supporting anecdotal evidence also exists, in the form of personal testimonies and experiences.

2. The Law of Attraction Is Based on Greed

Some people think that Law of Attraction programs are get rich quick schemes because they promote the idea that you can get whatever you want. However, if you take the time to understand the Law of Attraction, then you will know that there is a lot more to Law of Attraction.

The core principles that underlie the Law of Attraction are based on gratitude, thinking and feeling positive, self-discovery, being in flow, abundance consciousness and love. Where greed often leads people to want more and more, teachings related to the Law of Attraction recommends that you start from being contented with what you already have.

3. Law of Attraction Does Not Work

Perhaps, why some people are skeptical is because they have not heard in school about the Law of Attraction being a natural law. Well, the laws of nature work all of the time, whether we realize it or not. And this includes the Law of Attraction.

Consider Newton’s first law: “An object set in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless the object is acted upon by an outside force.” Newton realized that people and objects have influence upon the laws of nature. When an outside force stops a moving object, we don’t assume that Newton’s law failed to work. In the same way, energy, thoughts, emotions and human existence all have influence on the Law of Attraction, but none of things alter the fact that the law itself is valid.

4. Law of Attraction Requires too Much Effort

There is some work involved in learning to master your own thoughts and influencing your own destiny. Yet, this work should ultimately not put you in struggle. In fact, it can even help you improve your quality of living.

Consider the alternative. If you are not making an effort to direct your thoughts towards desired outcome, you will be led by your own random, temporary emotional and mental responses to life. Where traditional thinking leads to “getting whatever you get”, Law of Attraction proponents teaches you about focusing your mind, directing your path and taking charge of your own reality.

5. The Law of Attraction is a Current Fad

The law has been in existence since the beginning of time. A written narrative naming the “Law of Attraction” dates back to 1903. However if you consider the words of Christ “As you believe so it shall be done unto you” or “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say unto this mountain ‘move’ and it shall move” then it would appear that the law has been taught since the last century BC.

6. Law of Attraction Principles are Self-Centered

Law of Attraction principles may seem self-centered because it involves finding out what you truly desire. However, it is also very much about your relationship with every other person and thing in the world. It is only when you come to realize that your thoughts have the ability to interact with what is around you, that in some way you are connected to every other element on earth.

You can only begin to improve your relationships with others once you find the connection with your true self from deep within. You learn to cherish and be thankful for what is inside you. As you begin to appreciate who you are, you will invariably develop an appreciation of others and everything that is around you. You will realize that you are no different from any other human on this planet.

7. Law of Attraction is Not for Everyone

In a bid to avoid getting into confusion, you may dismiss the Law of Attraction. Well, whether you want to be in the know or not, the Law of Attraction affects everyone. To say that the Law is not for everyone is like saying that gravity is not for everyone, or that fire does not always generate heat.

As long as we exist as human beings on earth, fire will always be hot to the touch, gravity will always keep us from floating in to space, and the Law of Attraction will always bring to us the things we focus our attention on. Since it is at work all the time, we can help ourselves by understanding what it is and how to apply it to our benefit.

Proving the Law of Attraction

There is no way of being absolutely convinced, not unless you have experienced it for yourself. Proof can be an entirely personal thing. If you are seeking proof that the law really exists, simply commit to testing its principles for your personal knowledge.

Anyone can master the principles of Law of Attraction. There is no complex formula or difficult mathematical equation to grasp. Some of the simple principles are:
1. Be thankful for what you have
2. Believe that everything that you could ever want has been provided for you
3. Visualize yourself where you want to be
4. Focus on abundance, rather than need or lack

Through experiential learning, you can find out if you are able to attract a different reality for yourself. Go down the rabbit hole and discover truths. Find out if you start experiencing benefits such as greater happiness, reduced stress levels and more empowerment.

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