Namaste Healing Center revisited

Namaste Healing Center is a place where all modalities of healing are housed in one building. That has always been the vision, however, I was getting off the trail by talking about the nuts & bolts…the details, instead of the big picture.

Big Picture ~ There is an abandoned church in downtown Charleston that I want to base NHC out of. What better purpose for the building than a place of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, & financial healing? We seem to have gotten derailed in America and have really screwed up our priorities.

I keep running into people who are also healers. Apparently God has a plan:) No, I mis-speak. Our Creators have THE Plan. I want to be open to it and hear their voice.

The Farm & all of the other stuff I have spoken of are the machinations of my logical  mind…how to finance & all of that, when in reality, I simply need to STOP! Let Go. Allow the Universe to play it out as it should be. Again, my job is to be open & not tied to attached to the HOW of it all. God in their infinite wisdom knows how it will happen.

So….Here I am. I am open. I am eager. I only want to do what You want me to do and get my blasted ego out of the freaking way!!

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