Fleshing out The Plan:)

A friend recently shared his vision of a communal healing center. Of course I had to share my vision with him! Lately I have been attending an online organic farmer certification course by Rodale. Praise God I was led to this! I have also been attending other webinars in regard to farming, nonprofits, and anything that brings me close to my goals. I am SO VERY BLESSED to have someone in my corner. Thank You God for Amanda! Following is just an excerpt of the response I sent to Don.

The real moniker for us is the South Carolina Re-entry Initiative (SCRI). It’s a long story of how I have both names, one I’ll share later. The business model I am using is a modified social enterprise model, with the caveat that we’ll also be an employee-owned enterprise.

The purpose of a social enterprise is that a For profit entity/entities fund a nonprofit entity. SCRI will have the 501(c)(3) designation and we’ll be dba NHC. The purpose of NHC/SCRI is to provide a REAL second chance for ex-offenders. The reason this population has chosen me is that I have been working in this arena for 5 years now & I see that people go to prison for a variety of reasons that should not be punishable by prison & that the reality is hardly anyone is ever Rehabilitated in prison. We simply warehouse human beings and then let them loose on our communities!

I have been researching best practices for years, am a participant in SC’s Sentencing Reform Commission, was the Chair of a re-entry project, and from what I’ve learned, I am approaching things from a completely different angle. What our gov. has been doing is simply NOT working. The faith-based orgs don’t receive enough support, financially, spiritually, etc from their communities.

NHC/SCRI will educate communities, in addition to providing a place to start over, not only for the ex-offenders, but their families as well.

The way I plan to fund NHC is to operate an organic farm, with all sorts of businesses shooting off of it. Reminds me of Jesus saying, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remain in me he will bear much fruit. Apart from me he can do nothing.” I am NOT saying I am a savior or that I come anywhere close to being who Jesus is, but He does have a point.:)

I am currently in the process of fleshing out the plan. NHC will address a persons’ spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, employment, educational needs. A wide variety of modalities will be used. I truly believe if a person is helped to discover why they are here on this planet & what their purpose is, as well as a just a little help to get them started in making it a reality, then there is no logical reason why they would return to crime. I know, I have HUGE dreams. I also know that not everyone who comes thru our doors will make the necessary changes. Some people really would rather wallow in the cesspools of their lives than change. I can’t be concerned with that. All I’m doing is offering people a real chance.

4 thoughts on “Fleshing out The Plan:)

  1. Hi, I hope my comment didn’t go to spam. I’m having a hard time with two avatars right now after starting my new blog, Green Healing Notes. Will leave this one with that address, just in case my comment disappeared. Thanks.

  2. PS Now I understand why you wanted to know about the farm. It’s temporary, as I said. And, it isn’t like the place you describe, and I dream of, but the men are being very kind and treat my son like a full human being, not a case, not a diagnosis. For that, I am truly, very grateful!

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