Feeling the Quickening

Quickening… an integral part of the birth process. When a mother feels the first movement of her baby it is called Quickening. I have no idea why nor do I really care. However, I know the feeling and it is so incredible exciting. For me it makes the baby all that more real. My current baby is my vision for Namaste Healing Center.

That is how I feel today. I feel a quickening in my chest /breasts. The really pregnancy is happening and the birth of this vision is more a reality to me today than ever before.

Listening deeply, I am in tune with the Spirit who is guiding my soul. I feel very supported by the loving cosmic energy  which is spiraling down from the heart of God, to my heart, and through to the Earth. With this energy connection I will nurture and support those whom God calls to Namaste Healing Center.

The vision is becoming more clear each day. Last night I looked at the map of the southern portion of Charleston County. Hollywood, Meggett, Wadmalaw Island, Edisto Island. I felt an excitement when I remembered a place on Church Flats Road in Meggett. It is right next to Wadmalaw Sound. I remembered the feeling of insistence…I simply MUST grow things for a living and in doing so, if I can help just one soul “find” themselves, then I will be fulfilled. I used to say I’d be happy, but I’m already happy with who I am and that is enough.

I checked into rentals and I found a place that has a 3 bedroom house on 14 acres. FOURTEEN ACRES! How exciting! It’s under a $1000 to rent this place. I am so excited to find out that this is within my reach soon…very very soon. I am certain I will be able to work with the landlord to realize my dreams. Eventually I will own such a place:) 

Yes…the quickening of a vision is exactly like the quickening of an infant. After all, isn’t this vision just like a child from me? Yes indeed it is

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