In my mind’s eye

In my mind’s eye I see myself walking across a marble floor. I am barefoot and dress in a flowing white dress. Not a surprise since I ALWAYS wear either a dress or a skirt:) There is sunlight streaming in through the windows and doors. The air is cool & inviting. Scents of flowers and incense waft through the air. It is hot in Charleston for a good bit of the year and the cool marble beneath my feet is pleasant. All around is a gentle peacefulness. One can literally feel it in the air.

The sound of laughing children punctuates the silence at times. It brings a smile to my face. I know my grandkids are out there playing with the other children who come to here with their parents. Now and then I can hear the tinkling of a wind chime.

This is a temple. Namaste Healing Center. This is a place of true healing and serenity. People come here to shed the old religious dogma that hinders their growth. Spiritual. Sexual. Mental. Physical.Relational. It is ALL about Growth and LOVE.

This is a place of total acceptance. No one is condemned for their past. Nothing is expected of their future. We are living in the NOW. The only thing that matters is this moment.

It’s a difficult thing to in the NOW. The world is always bringing up our pasts and throwing it in our face with condemnation. The world is also demanding our plans for the future & while we do plan, we do not live on for the plan. We embrace what we are feeling in this moment in time.

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