Outline of “The Plan”

Our Mission
To enhance the ability of all individuals to fulfill their greatest potential by providing all people with the tools, information, products and services that facilitate healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, and most importantly, Spiritually.

Our Vision
To realize a world where people live within their authentic power through knowledge of Spirit, spiritual laws and spiritual principles, while providing practical application examples.

Our Purpose
To provide a space and to impart information that lends to personal transformation. Thus, creating a world where people live in freedom from their past and have the necessary resources and fortitude to live crime-free, productive and giving lives.
“My greatest desire is for people to know who they are and to use that knowledge to create the life they desire and deserve. I believe my purpose in life is to facilitate this evolution. As we learn to align our being and thinking with the principles of Spirit, we experience all of what life is meant to be.”
I am NOT doing business as usual. I do not want a board of directors to hold me up with bureaucratic nonsense. Been there, done that. Lovely experience, but I know it’s not how I want this organization run. A board of advisors will be my sounding board & whom I turn to when I need advice and guidance. The following is me speaking As If…speaking all of this into being. It’s been in my head for far too long. It is time to bring about the physical manifestation of what the Creators placed in my spirit many years ago.
Each re-entry site (1 for women, 1 for men, & 1 for youth) is spiritually focused, with the goal of either starting their own businesses when they “graduate” or becoming an employee somewhere. Namaste Healing Center utilizes evidence-based practices and is Family & Spirit-centered. The outcome for each client is; a)starting their own businesses when they “graduate” or, b) becoming an employee in the field of their choice. What they will know is who they are, and what they want to do with their lives & how to never return to a life of crime. The goal is Public Safety and Enlightenment.
The business model I use is a social enterprise model with an employee-owned twist. It is uniquely mine. I have worked for 3 corporations that are employee-owned in the past 13 years. I have worked at several 501(c)(3) entity’s, as well as volunteered with them, established one, and brought another one to its current status since I became an adult. I have worked with boards and have seen them stifle the founder’s vision. I know that traditional boards work for some, but not for me. I am far too independent for them!
Namaste will focus on getting people physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and Most Importantly, Spiritually fit. We are transitional homes for people coming out of prison. Our homes operate an urban organic garden. We grow veggies, herbs, and flowers for ourselves & for the community. The money we make goes right back into Namaste’s operating coffer. It is a symbiotic relationship. We also have a market with a café on-site. From the garden we produce handmade items, fresh flowers, & fruits & veggies for sale in the market & café.. We also make artisanal breads. We expand to additional income-generating streams as we grow.
Our days will consist of; Meditation, Yoga, Work, Training, Community Meals, Recreation

Program Design
The Clapham Set

Utilize Evidence-based Principles for Re-entry
Each member (client) will receive an assessment when she/he arrives to ascertain where they are in all areas. Whatever skill is lacking or is in need of improvement will be part of the Phoenix Plan. I have used the term Phoenix because most of our people will be rebuilding a life completely from the ashes of their burned out past. The following are the components of the Phoenix Plan:
One-year commitment/contract for Transitional Housing Component – Assessment of needs-Spiritual, Physical, Mental & Emotional, Educational, Financial.

Empathic Empowerment (EE) is the term I am using for this methodology of rebuilding lives. EE consists of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Law of Attraction (LOA), and a Consciousness-raising mindset will be employed.

RISK/NEED: ASSESS ACTUARIAL RISK – Higher levels of service for higher risk; lower levels of service for lower risk. Be Responsive to Temperament, Learning Style, and Culture When Assigning Programs.
Criminogenic Need Response
Anti-social cognition Reduce anti-social cognition, recognize risking thinking and feelings, adopt an alternative identity
Anti-social companions Reduce association with criminals, enhance contact with pro-social peers
Anti-social personality or temperament Build problem solving, self management, anger management, and coping skills
Family and/or marital Reduce conflict, build positive relationships and communication, enhance monitoring/supervision
TARGET INTERVENTION – substance abuse treatment-Celebrate Recovery & Secular Program from Circular Church,
SKILL TRAIN WITH DIRECTED PRACTICE – Promote Evidence-based Programming (MST, Cog. Skills, RP, MI) that Emphasizes Cognitive/Behavioral Strategies
INCREASE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT – Reward Pro-social Behavioral Skills to Improve Compliance
COGNITIVE SKILLS PROGRAM – http://www.brainskills.com/html/about_us.html
Cognitive skills are the basic processing functions that enable us to learn. These include attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, logic, and reasoning ability. Unlike academic skills which are taught and relate to knowledge about specific subjects, cognitive skills are the underlying mental abilities necessary to process, analyze, and retain information. Cognitive skills training focuses on strengthening cognitive deficits so that overall learning ability is improved. In recent years, as awareness has grown regarding the impact of weak cognitive skills on academic performance, the variety and availability of cognitive skills training programs have increased.
ENGAGE ON-GOING SUPPORT IN COMMUNITIES – Attend local art shows, plays, the museum & aquarium, etc. (expose to culture), Yoga with the Y, Volunteer in community, e.g., Charleston Promise Neighborhood, Park Angels, etc.


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