Evolution of The Plan

Namaste continued Jan 2012

My mind is racing a light speed…lol I am filled with wonder & awe at what is going to be accomplished at Namaste Healing Center.

The Universe is bringing the team together. I’ve been meeting people whose talenst & knowledge is just what we need!

One thing I realize however, I MUST let go of seeing NHC as MINE. It is not. It is OURS, those who the Lord brings to the mission.

My contribution to the world is healing, knowledge, and love.

What next? The PLAN.

  • Determine land space (possibility of state-owned house on Maple & Hester St.?)
  • Determine how many raised beds will fit in the space
  • Determine amount of wood required to build raised beds
  • Order seed catalogs
  • Choose which veggies & fruit we will plant
  • Order seed
  • Build beds
  • Purchase soil & compost
  • Build compost bed

All of this while still fleshing out the details of The Program. Lots to do! More on The Program later:)





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